Ryan Rehabilitation LLC is a State of Maryland Certified provider of DWI/DUI Education and Treatment as required by the court system, Probation Officers, Attorneys at Law and the Motor Vehicle Administration. We are also recognized as a Drug and Alcohol Treatment provider in other states, if you have your DUI/DWI charge while using a Driver’s License of another state. These states include New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Florida, Virginia, West Virginia, Washington, DC and others. Our services are also recognized as an appropriate program for other related concerns, such as Probation Violations, Drug and Criminal charges, or as recommended by other entities. The first step to see if you are appropriate for a 12-hour alcohol and drug education program, or 26 Sessions of alcohol and drug treatment program is to call us to schedule an assessment appointment. Each case is unique and we need to assess your specific circumstances in order to determine which program is best suited for your needs.

After receiving a Driving Under the Influence (DUI) / Driving While Impaired (DWI) or related charge, clients will need to complete either a Treatment or Education Program for Drugs and Alcohol. It is best to complete an evaluation first to determine the level of treatment needed before going to court or your MVA hearing. Whether you initiate this process voluntarily or by order of the court, it is favorable that you begin the process as soon as you can.

Ryan Rehabilitation LLC offers a 12-hour brief education program for adults. This program is certified by the State of Maryland as an Early Intervention Level 0.5 DWI Education. Clients will learn about the effects of alcohol or drug(s) in their life, their brain, driving patterns, family relations, and the legal system.  It includes appropriate DUI/DWI-related education program topics. It is recommended that you start the process before going to court. Attorneys often tell us judges appreciate a client who is proactive and shows initiative in at least starting Treatment before appearing in court. Most often, a judge will mandate that a client complete all of their treatment program, whether it is 12 Hours or 26 sessions.

Ryan Rehabilitation LLC Offers the 26 session of group counseling for alcohol and drug Treatment Program – Intensive Outpatient. This program is certified by the State of Maryland.

  • Level 0.5 – Early Intervention
  • Level I – Outpatient Treatment

The goal of Ryan Rehabilitation is to help clients reflect on their use of substances and to align their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors towards healthy and productive actions, focusing on achieving personal goals. Ryan Rehabilitation works with every individual from a strength-based perspective, highlighting each individual’s attributes and qualities in overcoming their challenges. As substance abuse and substance dependence impedes an individual’s ability to achieve his or her goals, Ryan Rehabilitation aids individuals in achieving abstinence from the use of mood-altering substances. Please call us and let us know how we may be of Service! We want to help you recover your driver’s license and help you get your life back on track.

Hablamos Español, y ofrecemos nuestras clases de Alcohol y Drogas en Español tambien. Te podemos ayudar en tu idioma. Llamanos hoy al 301-258-7771 o 240-277-7128

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